Elongated Smart Toilet Model#368

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 Advance Model #368 - $950 

Brand new in box CUPC certified ADVANCE SMART toilet with one year warranty.
CUPC Certified , manufactured according to North American Standard.

Size 27*16*18 inches (L*W*H)

Smart toilet with Remote Control -

Following features available

-Remote control
1.Rear cleanse
2.Female/Rear cleanse
3. Moving cleanse
4.Instant heating
6.Warm Air drying
7.Heated Seat
8.Night light
9.Energy-saving mode
10. foot induction flushing
12.smart knob
13.Nozzle self-cleaning
14.Electric leakage protection
15.low temperature burns prevention
16.Super siphonic flush
17.Auto flush
18.Power-off flush
19.Damping slow down seat
20.Seat temperature adjustment
21.LED indicator
22. One touch
23.Automatic open/close